Aligning my EK43 Burrs – Part 2 – Subjective Results

It’s been a few months since I aligned my EK burrs so I thought I’d report back on some of my findings. As I can’t test before and after EY results (becasue I’m never taking the burrs out again!) I decided to report back on some more of the observational/subjective results since the alignment.

  1. Ability to grind finer – Following the alignment I’ve been able to grind finer which is a bonus on the EK. This just gives more flexibility when using beans that require a finer grind.
  2. Increased adjustment sensitivity – I noticed that the grind adjustment was now more sensitive. This gives greater flexibility when dialling in shots, which is a good thing.
  3. Improved brewed coffee – I’ve noticed better tasting, cleaner brewed coffee and also less stalling during my brews.
  4. Enhanced clarity – Shots seemed to have more clarity.
  5. Piece of mind – It’s amazing how much involvement the brain has when making coffee, however knowing that my burrs are aligned has certainly had a positive impact overall.

Overall I’m really happy with the results from my burr alignment and would recommend testing it if you are having inconsistent results and finding that you can’t grind fine enough. Maybe one day I’ll take them out again and test before/after extraction yields but certainly at present this isn’t something I’m willing to risk 🙂

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